Sunday, April 10, 2011

Conversations With Abby

Tonight, I was cuddling with the childrens in the chair and Abby said in a very serious tone, "Mommy, I need to ask you something." I said, "Okay, baby. You can ask me anything." She sat there for a minute and said, "Ummmmm....Why can't we eat the Sun?"

I sat there for a moment, very confused, and asked her to repeat the question. She then... rolls her eyes, sighs loudly and says, "Why-can't-we-eat-the-Sun?" She says it like I have an undiagnosed mental handicap.

Let me be clear. I am very intelligent, and quite creative, but never in my wildest dreams (and believe me, there have been some wild ones) could I fathom having to answer the question: "Why can't we eat the sun?"

I thought for a moment and said, "Abby, we can't eat the Sun for a lot of reasons, but the main reason we can't eat the sun is because...Well, it isn't food."

The conversation then proceeds as follows:

Abby: looks like food. It looks like an orange and oranges are good snacks.
Me: It does look like an orange, but it's actually a hot ball of burning gas very far away. It's a star.
Abby: No, the Sun is not a star.
Me: Yeah, it is.
Abby: No, the Sun is a circle!
Me: Actually, the Sun only looks like a circle...It's actually a sphere.
Abby: Sometimes the Sun looks like a spider.
Me: The Sun doesn't look like a spider. Now you're just being silly.
Abby: Yes it does!!!!! When I draw the Sun at school, it looks like a spider before... when I draw it at school!!!!
Me: can't eat the Sun because it's not food. It's too hot, and it's too far away. I love you,and you're very pretty but...Watch the movie.
Abby: But, Mommy... Why is it too far away?
Me: Because Abby...Optimus Prime put the Sun very far away a long time ago.
Abby: Ohhhhh...He did? That's because he is a very big robot. Optimus Prime did it all by himself!

And that is why... I am the best mom in the world.


  1. Haha! Way to go Optimus!!! She's so funny...

  2. Sounds like an answer that I would have said to some of the questions that my boys ask. Awesome answer mom!