Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, and All That Crap.

Today is Mother's Day, and I am the mother of two amazing human beings. Therefore, I should be enraptured by everything that is, "Mother's Day"... But I'm not.

To me, Mother's Day is just another day of the year. Personally, I think it is a sensationalized holiday that greeting card companies, jewelry stores and flower shops all use for financial gain. They're in cahoots, I tell you!!

When we think of Mother's Day, we think of what we see on television; Mothers being awakened very gently by neatly dressed children, only to discover a perfect two-egg breakfast beside their bed. We all know that this doesn't happen. I don't know about the rest of you, but when I wake up in the morning, I look like I've been on a three day bender, and my children are almost always in various states of undress with snot running from their nose. I don't know about the rest of the world, but the mornings at my house are not all sunshine and roses. Mornings at my house are hell on Earth.

 While I think it is wonderful that there is a special day set aside to honor the mothers of the world... I also believe that this holiday, like any other, has become downright outlandish. While I was purusing the Mother's Day cards, I noticed that they have Mother's Day cards of all sorts.  They have cards to mothers from children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, god-children, husbands, wives, (yes, I really did see one that read: "From your loving wife." Which, I think is great news.) friends, neighbors ,co-workers, and here's the kicker...I found a Mother's Day card with the closing line of, "Love, Your Four-Legged Friend"... I can only guess they are referring to the animal-child of the house.

While people celebrate their mothers today, I don't think anyone truly understands the holiday until they have children.

I now understand that I have a special power within me.

When I'm singing my daughter to sleep and she says, "Mommy, sing "You Make My Sunshine"...

 I know that I not only have the power to guide her into a peaceful slumber just with the sound of my voice...I have the power to understand her heebly-geebly made up language, and to heal boo-boos with a single kiss and a tickle.

 Being a mother is more than what one imagines in their head. It isn't all cuddling and side-walk chalk time. It's sort of a mess. It's actually an enormous mess.

It's getting puked on, pooped on, and snotted on...All in one day.
 It's soothing tears and cleaning up messes.
It's doing the before-bedtime-scavenger hunt for the "one" toy that the children can't sleep without.
It's saying something, slapping your hand over your mouth and saying, "Holy shit, I sound just like my mother."
It's knowing that for at least sixteen years of your life your name will be changed to, "Whoevers-Mom".
It's the constant worry, and the constant love.
It's wanting to choke your children, but at the same time wanting to hug them.

While there are a lot of terrible, terrible, terrible things that go along with being a mother... I think it's the single most important thing that I will ever do with my life. If I can raise my children to become great people, with good hearts... then I have made a huge contribution to the world.

In closing, I would like to say that when we celebrate Mother's Day, we shouldn't celebrate the fact that people are mothers simply because they birth children. We should celebrate the women who have lost sleep, kissed boo-boos, and have taken the time to raise us into the people we are today... and we should do this everyday...Not just one day out of the year.

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