Friday, July 22, 2011

My Beautiful Birthday- The Big Two-Six

Today, I turned twenty-six years old.

I woke up, and didn't feel much different than I did the day before. I didn't feel older or wiser. I'm not sure when birthdays changed for me. As a child, I remember the distinct feeling of anticipating my birthday weeks in advance...Picking out my gifts and making sure everyone knew that my birthday was coming up. Doing the marking of the days on the calendar.

 However, this morning I woke up and felt the same as the day before.

I felt like a tired mother that stayed up entirely too late. My hair was extra wild, my mascara had created dark streaks under my eyes, and when I sat down on the commode to pee, I realized my underwear were on inside out... Yes. This is what my mornings are like, birthday or no birthday.

However, something was different today. I walked into the kitchen and realized that my husband had washed dishes. He had made coffee. He had wiped down the counters and put everything away. He then cooked breakfast and played with the children after working a twelve hour midnight shift. When he layed down to take a nap, I recieved a phone call from my sweet friend, Alicia. The conversation went something like this:

Alicia: "Hey, are you home?"
Me: "Yes, I have no intention to leave the house."
Alicia: "Okay. Well, Sam needs to drop something off for the kids."
Me: "Okay."

*Three seconds later...*

I open my door to find Alicia and Samantha, laughing maniacally, bearing gifts, and holding what appeared to be a large cake. Upon closer inspection I realized the cake was, in fact, a penis cake.

 Not just any penis cake...It was a chocolate penis cake.
Not just any chocolate penis cake...It had silver sprinkles on the scrotum... Indicating that it was an elderly, chocolate penis cake.
Alicia and Samantha had made, decorated and delivered to my doorstep a "Bill Cosby Penis Cake".

I ate the tip of the Bill Cosby Penis Cake, and Samantha and Alicia each ate a sprinkle covered ball-sack.

 Alicia then made the moment perfect when she said, "Man, those pubes are really crunchy."

In that moment, as my two friends and I sat around my table laughing and eating a penis cake...I felt fifteen again. The excitement of having a birthday was brought back to me in an instant. It didn't matter that I was a hot mess, and still in my pj's... For a moment, a beautiful moment...I felt like a queen.
The rest of my day continued beautifully. I went to the theatre and was greeted by endless happy birthdays from castmates and friends. The show went amazingly well. Everything was just perfect.

 I was then told we needed to have a special meeting on the stage after the show. As I entered the stage, I was pushed to the center of the group and 60 of the most amazing people I know sang, "Happy Birthday" in my honor.

I was the reason for the special meeting.

Today, I was taken back to my childhood, my birthday was, in a word, beautiful ...Regardless of the fact that my underwear were on inside out for a large part of the day.

I am one lucky lady. Thank you to everyone who made me feel special today.

Hooray for beautiful birthdays.

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