Monday, August 27, 2012


   Like most people, there are things that will never cease to bring me great joy. It doesn't matter what is happening in my life, what kind of catastrophe has been brought upon my perfectly shaped head or just how damn bad my day is going; there are just some things that make me happy. Below, is an abbreviated list of things that ,without fail, make me happy:

1.) My childrens - (This one is a bit Catch 22. Mostly because my children can simultaneously make me spew joy and make me want to strangle myself with my shoelaces.)

2.) New socks

3.) Momma Fig's Rainbow Cupcakes (these are a specialized item...and will bring joy to anyone lucky enough to be presented with one)

4.) Days of perfect weather (In Oklahoma, these are few and far between)

5.) Towels and sheets right after they come out of the dryer

6.) A really good cup of coffee

7.) Finding shapes, people and objects in clouds...examples: Winston Churchill, bras, phallic shapes and Falkor from The Neverending Story

8.) When I hear George Micheal's voice sing, "Well, I guess it would be nice...If I could touch your body..."

  After thinking about my list of "Things That Make Me Happy", I realized something:

Happiness is something you choose.

Sure, you can feel happy, but the real test comes down to deciding one thing:

"Am I going to control my life situation, or am I going to let it control me?"

Today, I had a really nice visit with two remarkable ladies. We laughed, we plotted and I regaled them with tales from my childhood.  As we were parting ways, one of the ladies mentioned, "You are always so energetic, happy and seem so...down to earth and adjusted."
She's two-thirds right.

I'm not always happy. I normally wake up with the disposition of a Bridge Troll on her period, and it takes a few cups of coffee and some snuggles with my childrens, to reach the point where I can be turned loose to mingle with the general population.

That's when it dawned on me... It's not a difficult concept, there is no secret recipe and it just comes down to one little thing:

You can make a conscious decision to overcome whatever shit life is throwing at you, or you can succumb to the shit.

Frankly, I waded through plenty of shit growing up.
I'm tired of shit.
I want days filled with new socks, rainbow cupcakes and warm sheets that smell like Snuggle.

I am not, by any means, dellusional enough to think that there are some situations that don't warrant succumbing to the shit.

Losing a loved one.
Not being able to button your "fat" jeans.
Finding out your kid has a growth on his brain. (Been there, done the shitty day T-shirt)

However, not all days bear that type of life altering consequence.
Most days are just sort of...blah.
Most days, are days where nothing remarkable happens. Days where we meander through and ,at some point, we make a decision to either be happy, or to wade through a big, wide river of doo-doo and gripe about it the entire time.

Today, I went for a run. I was listening to my "Early 90's Feminist Forward Lilith Fair-esque" station, when I heard George Micheal's lovely little voice singing in my ears.

Of course, this caused me to first; question why in the hell Pandora Radio thought George Micheal belonged on that station...and secondly, it put an extra-happy bounce in my step.

It was about this time that I looked up, and I happened to see (very clearly) the shape of Falkor- the luckdragon from The Neverending Story- in the clouds.

I was taking great delight in my sudden, happy moment when I noticed the cloud right next to Falkor: It was an enormous, scary newborn baby cloud.
It was super creepy.
It was entirely too large, had a scary, baby face, and was three times bigger than Falkor.
In addition to being a big, scary newborn baby cloud with a deformed head... it's mouth was wide open. I could see Falkor's shape begin to dissapate, and before I could blink my eyes, Scary Newborn Baby Cloud had eaten Falkor.

Devoured him. Poof.

A few seconds later, Scary Baby Cloud was gone, and all that was left was a big cloud of nothingness. No defining shape. No bumps or ridges. Just...desolate and boring.

It was at this moment I realized: our lives, are not so different from the clouds above us.

If we allow the winds of adversity to change us, and if we succumb our moods and minds to our shitty days; our shitty days will consume us.
We lose the ability to find joy in the smallest of things, and we get lost in a big cloud of...nothing.

Like anything, there is a flip-side to this coin of wisdom.

Just as your bad days can consume you, your good days can too. If you let them.
Sometimes the smallest of things can bring a smile to your face, and put a skip in your step.
If you choose to surround yourself with your list of things or people who make you happy... you can shut out the shit that life throws at you. (Man, that's almost poetic.)

You only have to accept that you deserve to be happy, and then...choose it.

(If you are having a bad day, bad month or a bad life...I strongly suggest trying any or all of the things on my list. They've always worked for me.)

Also...George Micheal.

You're welcome. :-)

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