Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Invaluable Inexperience?

       I have always considered myself a quick study; Eager to learn new things, and fast to pick up new skills.

I was never one to lag behind, and because of this I found I grew up too quickly.

However, at some point in my life, (like most)...life got in the way of all of those "things" I had planned to do.

 Now, when I say "life" I do not mean that in a condescending way.

 I have a beautiful life. A lovely life filled with memories that I wouldn't trade for all of the Nutella in the world.

A life made nearly perfect by the people in it; not by the places I've gone or the drinks I've had or the purses I've bought.
 These experiences that I have missed out on are not things that I look back on with remorse. I know ,oftentimes, people feel resentment for missing out on opportunities to do new things...but not this girl.

I am thankful that I didn't do many of them before now. So thankful simply because...I am beginning to think that my younger self wouldn't have taken such delight in them.

I was too busy growing up, and trying to make things look a certain way, that the joy of even the smallest thing would have flown right past me; Gone before I was even able to catch the tail-end of the happiness it brought with it.

My younger self who never valued simple things like, using the restroom in peace, and taking a shower without answering the never ending parade of questions from the always-inquisitive child on the other side of the curtain.

My younger self would have taken for granted such rights of passage, and been flippant about the joy that such small things can bring.

My younger self wouldn't have taken an hour out of her day just to indulge in a chocolatey-hazelnut treat.

I have four more things on my list that I will do over the next four days.

New things.
Things that I have never done.
Places I have never gone.
Experiences I have never had.
Even without those experiences, I have a memory bag filled with so many beautiful life experiences that I can barely close the top. Even without those experiences, I have experienced a lot.
Now that I'm older, and my life has slowed down;
I can not only do these things, but really experience them.

That not only makes them more exciting...but it makes my inexperience, invaluable.

And because it is so fitting...this song.

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