Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mentos & Diet Coke- 2nd New Activity

  Alright, so I must be honest...I was very excited about the prospect of trying 5 new things in 5 days, but thanks to a busy day at the office and then a run in with the head cold from hell...It's going to be more like "5 New Things Whenever I Get The Time To Do It".

Anyway, (time frame aside) yesterday, I was able to mark "Mentos & Diet Coke" off my list. When I was making my list, I put this one on there mostly because I'd seen it done a lot, and it really was something I've always wanted to do. wasn't all that exciting.

I'm not sure if it was the extreme heat and humidity, or my slight head cold or....the undeniable fact that putting Mentos in Diet Coke isn't the most exciting activity ever discovered by humans. was exciting (for a minute), and it was something I've never done. It's probably not something I'll rush out to try again, but I'm glad I did it. It was an experience.


I think the biggest problem is I started out with the Nutella. There are few things I enjoy more than food so good, that it makes me want to slap someone. (I ate the Nutella and wanted to slap the shit out of people.) I think the trick will be to eat Nutella before trying new things, and maybe the wave of goodness from tasting the Nutella will completely highten the experience for me.

Because I'm shameless, and you guys enjoyed the last video so is my experience with Diet Coke and Mentos, placed on the interwebs for you to enjoy.

You're welcome.

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