Sunday, December 30, 2012

Definition of the Heart

    I have been thinking all night how to describe the current state of my heart. For someone who has a love of the English language, and gets excited by discovering unique vernacular...I am at a loss.

Thus, I find myself going with the old Southern standby:


Merriam-Webster defines the word, blessed, as : (adj) blissfully happy or contented.

Yesterday, as I unwrapped nicely wrapped Christmas packages, it dawned on me that it isn't how long you know someone for them to understand you; It's how much you allow yourself to be known. The longevity of a friendship does not equal the depths with which people can care for one another.

Are you opening yourself up to allow a true friendship to blossom, or are you closing yourself off in an attempt to shelter yourself from being hurt?

So...this is my return gift to you:

Not for the gifts I received yesterday, but for your friendship.

For making me realize that I deserve to be loved.
For barging into my life, and helping me realize that true friends are those who take you and love you exactly as you are.
For giving me a reality check when I need one.

I love you, and thank you.


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