Sunday, October 6, 2013


Motherhood is stepping into a new life

It’s trading in carefully selected outfits for whatever is clean

It’s ponytails and roots that need to be touched up

It’s grabbing the stuff out of the bottom of the sink knowing it’s the nicest mess you’ll clean all day

It is reading books and checking fevers and getting peed on

Motherhood is changing

It’s a refrigerator that used to be a refrigerator but now doubles as an art gallery

It’s eating cold dinners and helping the “goo-goo’s” transform into words

Its sticky fingers that don’t seem so sticky when they wrap around yours

It’s kissing foreheads and finding hot-wheels in the microwave

Motherhood is knowing why the sun is bright and why farts stink and what’s inside of Mayonnaise

It’s a true understanding of how wonderful a quiet house can be

It is heavy sighs as you look at yourself naked in the mirror

It’s being envious of freedom and small waists until you hear your daughter say, “Mommy, you smell like Christmas.”

It’s being, both, ecstatic and sad when your kids learn to wipe their own butts

Motherhood is stages

It’s dropping the kids off at school at 8:00 a.m. and listening to the clock tick violently until 3:00

It is soul searching

It’s wondering what your purpose is when the kids don’t need you anymore

It’s finding yourself

It’s re-learning your name because for the last six years you have been “So and So’s Mom”

Motherhood is understanding that being a mother doesn’t define you-

What kind of mother you are defines you

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